Five Reasons a Co-Working Space Might Be a Better Fit


Many attribute a company’s success to the atmosphere it operates out of. Whether you’re a growing company or a solo contractor, the place you choose to house your operations can have a major impact on your overall culture and growth.

Over the past few years, many companies have been leaving the scene of a traditional rented office space and have, instead, been choosing to work out of a co-working space. Here are five reasons a co-working space may be a better choice for your small company:

1. Collaboration

One unique aspect of a co-working space is the unique individuals you will surround yourself with. In a traditional office space, you typically only interact with those in your own company. In a co-working environment, you will be surrounded by individuals representing a variety of companies and industries. This can lead to unique collaboration and networking opportunities.

2. Flexibility

In a creative environment, your mind can move a mile a minute. While some people work better when they can just buckle down into the same spot for hours to grind out the work, others go stir crazy if they are looking at the same wall or window for hours at a time. A co-working space can cater to both of these working styles. Your workers can either claim a single desk for the day, or they can move around to new spots, rooms, and views as they see fit.

3. Management

When you purchase or lease a traditional office space, you will also be taking on a variety of managerial responsibilities. In addition to the already demanding task of running a business, you will also be responsible for keeping the supplies stocked, hiring and paying for maintenance as needed, and ensuring all additional utilities are paid in a timely manner. If you can’t personally handle these tasks, then you will end up needing to hire an office manager to handle these tasks, which can be a significant expense. When you join a co-working space, these logistics are all handled for you, so that your time and money can be spent solely on your core business. A co-working space will ensure that the supplies stay stocked, any necessary maintenance is handled, and you and your team have an optimal environment to ensure productivity.

4. Cost

In addition to handling the logistics of office space management, the co-working space will also handle the additional costs involved. While a fully equipped coworking space may cost more upfront than the month to month rent of a traditional office space, you will likely save money in the long run. When you join a co-working space, you pay no more than the agreed-upon monthly fee. You will never be asked to pay more on months with hire utility bills or maintenance issues. All of these costs will be covered by the co-working space management, so you will always know what to expect and budget for every month.  It’s a total ‘turn-key” community.

5. Commitment

If you are a growing business, then you might not be in the same situational or financial position in a year as you are now. It is important that you have room to grow your business as needed. A traditional office space may lock you into leases and agreements that might limit your growth and timeline. You can pay for a co-working space month to month so that no contract or commitment limits your company’s potential.

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