One Year Anniversary- Q&A with TeamUp Coworking’s Owners


This month TeamUp Coworking celebrated one year of encouraging creativity and connectivity in the Wheaton  community through this unique business operation. 

The year has held many successes and accomplishments as owners, Tony and Megan, watched their vision come to life. To celebrate the anniversary, we caught up with both Tony and Megan to review the year and talk about what plans they have for the years ahead. 

Q1. What originally drew you to the concept of a Co-Working Space? 

Tony has worked in commercial real estate for almost 20 years where coworking has been a trend over the last several years. He saw the need and demand to bring the concept to our community. 

Q2. What was your vision for this first year? 

We wanted to bring a collaborative environment at an affordable price to Downtown Wheaton. A place where entrepreneurs and businesspeople of the community could work and network together while sharing an overhead. 

Q3. How has this year lived up to your expectations? 

It has exceeded our expectations. We have expanded twice and hope to expand more in the future. 

Q4. What obstacles do you feel like the company overcame in this first year of operation? 

We had to adjust the space on the fly, and we did this by collaborating with the members and listening to their feedback. 

Q5. Were there any surprises in this first year? 

Yes, of course like any new business we had a few surprises but nothing we were not able to overcome. 

Q6. Obviously, no one could have expected a worldwide pandemic to occur this year, do you think this will impact your year ahead? If so, how? 

Yes, we feel the demand of Coworking spaces will grow following the pandemic as many companies are seeing that they can reduce their overhead by allowing employees to work remote.  There is also trend as the millennial workforce gets married and has kids to move to the suburbs.  We think this pandemic may expedite that move as we become more aware of social distancing and the easier it is in the suburbs.  There are not too many options in this space. 

Q7. Approximately how many companies and people have utilized this space this year? 

Wow, we have had over 30 companies and 50 people utilizing the space this year. We have hosted Wheaton Briarcliffe Youth Baseball board meetings, drafts, fund raisers and more. 

Q8. How have you been impacted by the ideas and creativity that has developed in this space? 

It’s been really cool to see members network and share trials and errors of their own businesses as well as clients! 

Q9. What are some of your growth goals over this year? 

We plan to add a podcast recording studio and will continue to adapt to our members needs and feedback. 

Q10. Is there anything you want to say to the people and companies that utilized TeamUp Co-Working this year? 

Yes, we appreciate them very much and without them this opportunity would not exist. We are especially grateful how loyal they have been during this pandemic.  When this is over, we will continue to host monthly networking events where we supply food and drinks to show our appreciation as well. 


If you are looking for an affordable space to work, network, and grow your small business, contact TeamUp Coworking today to find out what membership plan works best for both your business and your budget. 

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