Three Main Benefits of a Co-Working Space for Remote Workers


As companies begin to rebound from the global crisis of COVID-19, many are coming out of this time with one huge take away- a large number of the positions that were once kept in-house are just as productive when done remotely, and at half the cost.

As we see an increase of remote workers coming to the market, we are also seeing another pattern- people do not want to stay home any longer than they have to. 

A Co-working space is a perfect compromise to working remotely without spending every hour of your day in the house as it covers three of the main concerns that people have with working remotely.

  1. All Costs Are Covered

One fear that many have when considering working remotely is the fear of getting nickeled and dimed by the cost and time needed to provide all necessary supplies. In an office setting, there is typically an office manager responsible for purchasing and stocking the printer paper, ink, coffee, and all other small necessities. Many find that when working from home it is not only costly to keep stock, but also time-consuming. 

A co-working space provides and stocks all items that you might need. This allows you to focus on your work, while someone else continues to focus on the essentials that drive productivity.

  1. Professional Atmosphere

Another fear that many have about working from home is the professionalism of the environment. While you may have a whole home office set up, you may not feel comfortable with clients walking through your kitchen to get there or hearing your pet dog in the background of a conference call. 

A co-working space provides an atmosphere where you can work, hold conference calls, and even invite clients in for meetings without compromising even an inch of professionalism.

  1. Separation of Home and Work

For many, the hardest part of working remotely is finding a home-life and work-life separation. There is a natural part of our brain that associates an office with work and home with family. When the work is always getting done in the home, this can create conflict for our minds, and result in less productivity and engagement in both segments of our life. 

A co-working space provides an office environment when needed for separation and productivity. It can provide a space that your subconscious automatically associates with work, and this can help you to avoid bringing “the office” into your personal life, even as a remote worker.

If you are a remote worker in the Northwest Chicago suburbs, and you are looking for a space to work without the overhead and management responsibilities, then TeamUp Coworking may provide the space and resources that you need. Contact us today to talk about our different plans and options. 

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