Three Benefits of Keeping City Work in the Suburbs While COVID-19 is Still a Concern.


Is it time for employees to return to the office? This is the question that many businesses in the Chicagoland area are asking right now. For companies located in the city, the answer may still be “no,” especially for those whose employees commute from the suburbs.  

As COVID-19 numbers remain higher in the city than in the suburbs, many are finding significant benefits to keeping city work in the suburbs for the time being.

1. Public Transit

One of the biggest concerns of those looking to commute to the city for work is the fear of public transit. For many, the train is the most efficient method of getting downtown to work, as it allows them to avoid rush hour traffic and extravagant parking fees. However, despite the convenience of this mode of transportation, many have health concerns with riding on a train and sitting in close proximity with others. Even with the health measures put in place, many fear that daily train rides to and from the city will increase their chances of exposure. If you allow those who live in the suburbs to continue working in the suburbs for the time being, you can help to decrease the chances of spread through public transit.

2. Space and Population

Another contributing factor to the increase of the illness in the city is due to space and population. In the city, there are more people in close proximity than you tend to see in the suburbs. By allowing employees to remain in the suburbs, you can not only protect those who live in the suburbs, but also those who live in the city, as there are less people flooding into the smaller space. Instead, those who live in the suburbs will remain in the suburbs where volume is overall easier to spread out. 

3. Less Interaction

There is a lot of interaction that takes place in the traditional office setting. Modern technologies have allowed a lot of companies to offer through video meetings and conferences. If workers return to crowded city offices too soon, and these video conferences begin to take place in person again, the risk of spread will see an increase through these interactions. When employees remain in their respective suburbs, the chances of spread through work interaction remains lower for the time being.

Keeping work in the suburbs does not necessarily imply working from home.  If you are looking to work closer to your home, but you are also seeking an office setting for max  productivity, a co-working space may be the best option for you. Contact TeamUp Coworking today to schedule a time to tour our office spaces. 

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