How to Improve the Remote Working Environment in Your Company


Making a change in your business as significant as allowing employees to work remotely can often have a difficult transition period. As both managers and employees adjust to this new environment, changes have to be made to keep both productivity and employee morale up. 

If you find that the transition to a remote work environment has proven to be a difficult one for your business, considering implementing these three small improvements.

Meet One on One

One essential aspect that many feel they lose when they switch to remote working from an office environment is the overall communication. When you can’t just pop over to the cubicle to ask a question, the question often does not get asked or answered at all. Scheduling one on one meetings with your employees can help provide space for communication to ensure that no details are lost in the working day. Many find that this system of one on one meetings, even over a video conferencing software, can not only help breach the communication gap formed in a remote working environment, but actually provide better communication than many find in a typical office.

Gather Feedback Regularly

Another barrier many face when working remotely is the inability to understand the state of those around them. When you work face to face with someone, you can clearly see and determine if they are okay with the workload or if they are overwhelmed. This allows a manager to make necessary adjustments to keep the employees productive without burn out. When you take away the face-to-face aspect, managers may not have as clear of a view into how their employees are doing. One way to prevent this burnout is by providing regular surveys to collect employee feedback. This allows the employees to express how they are doing, and the manager to know how to adjust the workload. 

Offer Regular Affirmation

A lot of affirmation happens quickly and mindlessly in an office setting. It is as simple as a “good work,” before moving on in the meeting. When work goes remote, sometimes this affirmation does not follow. When affirmation takes more effort, it can often get dropped altogether, however, this tends to have a negative impact on overall employee satisfaction. One way to help avoid problems in a remote work environment is to make sure to take the time to affirm employees just as you would in an office setting.

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