Three Main Aspects that Millennials are Looking for in the Workplace


How do you make millennials happy?

This is a question that the pre-millennial generations have been asking for years now as millennials become contributing members of society. This question is rather loaded, and can flow over a variety of topics. 

However many in business want to know how to keep millennial professionals happy in the workplace. 

Many managers have found over the years that old tactics don’t work quite as effectively for this new generation. Most millennials aren’t driven by high salaries and ping-pong tables quite the way that those who came before them were. Instead, many are finding that these young professionals are driven by three other main qualities:


As important as a paycheck is to anyone in the workforce, research by Forbes has found that most millennials tend to choose a job based on growth potential over one with a higher salary. This is why so many millennials are driven toward start-ups. Many entering the workforce are anxious to get their careers off the ground and add tools to their belt. This tends to be at the forefront of their mind when job searching. The flip side to this is, unlike many of the previous generations, millennials are less likely to continue with a job where they feel they’ve hit a wall in their growth. When a millennial feels that they are no longer able to grow at an adequate speed, they are likely to seek other opportunities where they can.


Many millennials look for purpose in whatever they do- a job is no exception. While every entry level job requires training and lower-level work, millennials tend to respond well when they are told how the work they are doing helps the greater purpose of the company. 

Beyond the ways they can contribute to the company, millennials, more than any generation before them, tend to be incredibly conscientious of what their company can do for the world as a whole. When looking for a career, they seek companies that serve the greater good- be that through their overall product mission or with the charitable opportunities that they provide. 


One of the newest demands brought to the game by the media age is flexibility. With the use of video conferencing software, many feel that the traditional need for a nine to five schedule in an office setting is unnecessary. Many even find that their time is better spent when they can choose their own flex hours or working space. 

This has contributed to a significant rise in remote working opportunities. These opportunities offered by companies tend to be in high demand, and even allows the companies to expand their talent search beyond their local area. While many millennials want this flexibility, they don’t necessarily want to work from home every hour of the day. This has led to an increase in use of co-working spaces. 

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